History of the Pound House Surgery

The Pound House, in Wooburn Green, started its medical life in the 1930s as the branch surgery of the practice in Bourne End. The front two rooms were the consulting room and waiting room with the rest of the house occupied by Mr and Mrs Wooton, the caretakers, and their large family. The area in front of the house was the local Parish Pound where stray animals were kept, until they were claimed by the owner. The Pound was changed into a car park in 1986, with major development creating The Pound House as the main surgery. The Orchard Surgery in Bourne End was built in the garden of Claytons, Dr Kay Flanagan's house, to provide a service to both villages.

The Pound House Practice has always been focused on high quality patient care and the professional development of doctors and staff. Since we started we have been a recognised training practice and have had hundreds of learners; medical students, doctors, nurses, managers and many other health service staff. When we started the practice in 1986 we had the first computerised records system in Buckinghamshire and we have continued to be at the forefront of primary care